As one might expect, I also shot the show on Sunday. Although the strain of doing shows on two consecutive days took it’s toll on the owners, the organizers and not to mention the dogs, if anything, the atmosphere was even nicer than on Saturday. Of course, the big piece of celebratory cake in the end might be influencing my hindsight judgment, but hey, who am I to say no to cake?

As with the photos of yesterday, I would like to NOTE, that the photos are formatted for ease of sharing on networking sites, such as Facebook etc. Do feel free to copy them for your own personal use (such as sharing on Facebook), but please let people know, where you got them from. If you would like to use an image in a more demanding environment (i.e. print etc), don’t hesitate to contact me for a larger image.

Also, give some love to the good folks at South-Estonian Dog Centre for organizing this great show.