This time, the post is in English, in order to make it a bit more easy to understand for our foreign readers, whom I suspect there will be several of.

The South Estonian Dog Centre celebrated its 15th year of activity in the dog world by holding a large international indoor dog show. This year, I hear there were over 1400 participants and indeed, it did get a bit crowdy in places. Nevertheless, the dogs were wonderful as always, the atmosphere great (apart from the odd mishap) and hopefully a lot of fun was had.

I was asked to be the ‘official’ photographer at the show and how could I say ‘no’ to that? So from the resulting roughly 1150 photos made at the show, I present to you the (hopefully) best 140. Enjoy!

NOTE: the photos are formatted for ease of sharing on networking sites, such as Facebook etc. Do feel free to copy them for your own personal use (such as sharing on Facebook), but please let people know, where you got them from. If you would like to use an image in a more demanding environment (i.e. print etc), don’t hesitate to contact me for a larger image.