There isn’t much that’s needed to make a photographer happy – give them window light and a nice model. So you can probably guess that should you give him several windows and a whole group of gorgeous models, his hands might tremble a bit. This is what actually happened to me ? So that you, my dear reader, do not have to suffer that much, I’ll introduce you to them a bit at a time. First up is the lovely Lorraine…

One fine Sunday morning in early May, I set about photographing 5 gorgeous girls and women in the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. All of them fitness athletes in the fastest growing fitness-federation in the UK, Pure Elite and all of them in their peak condition, having just competed at the Pure Elite International competition. No pressure, eh? Just point and shoot and Bob’s your uncle, right?

Well, not really. While one might think that having a gorgeous model takes the pressure off the photographer, I find the opposite. The more effort has gone into the physique that I’ve been chosen to photograph, the more effort I want to put in to show those gainzzz in the photographs. To make sure the light brings out the right amount of definition and curves, to have just enough contrast and colour in there, to have the models’ poses feel and look gorgeous and effortless.

Anyway, enough about me, back to our beauties! Among them was the stunning Lorraine, who, besides being a knock-out, is also a loving mother and wife to a very lucky man. Who, in fact, was the intended ‘target’ of our lingerie-intensive photoshoot, as he was in for a surprise… I hear he approved ?

Side note – I highly recommend always printing at least a few of the photos you receive from any photoshoot – while electrons in computers can mess things up (trust me, I’m majored in physics), paper and canvas are there a hundred years from now, when we all look a bit more like potatoes that have been left in the sun for a while.

I must say – blue is definitely Lorraine’s colour! Don’t you agree?

P.S – Sulle meeldisid need pildid ja tahad selliseid ka endast? Või oma kallimast? Või kinkida selline sessioon oma sõbrale? Võta minuga ühendust ja teeme selle mõtte teoks!