Yes, it’s time for another post written in (hopefully) Queen’s English. And I don’t mean Freddie Mercury.

Anyway, as it happened, two absolutely fabulous and crazy girls from the UK responded to my call for photoshoots in Tallinn and the rest is, as they say, history. 

Danielle is the spark in the gunpowder and the fizz in the drink. She has enough energy for everybody and it shows in her photos 🙂 Hannah, on the other hand, is the quiet one. But don’t be fooled – she has a fire inside of her own and that shows, too. So shooting these two within one session was a hoot and a blast to boot, as you might imagine. 

You can check out Danielle’s instagram  at @daniellemartin1980 and Hannah’s at @hanhal89. Go give them a follow!

Thanks, Danielle and Hannah, for the trust and the energy! I hope to get you girls in front of my camera again, someday soon 🙂

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More to come…



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